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The People - Heart and Soul of Cook-N-Dine International, Inc.
In Memoriam: Klaus C. Gebhardt, Founder

Klaus had been working in the investment-banking industry for over 25 years before he progressed into real-estate management and product marketing.
In 2000 he founded P & P Marketing, Inc. for the purpose of marketing the German Cook-N-Dine teppanyaki product line in The Americas and Caribbean.

He was an avid animal lover, enjoyed playing golf and bicycling, and was passionate about being on as well as in the water. Good food and feeding a crowd was another of his passions.

Klaus Gebhardt passed away on May 31, 2011. To this very day, we miss him and his energetic ways tremendously.
Bea Gebhardt  CEO | Director of Marketing

Bea adds more than 30 years of experience in strategic marketing, creative advertising and media production to the team. Amongst other degrees she holds a masters in Media-Marketing.
Bea loves to paint, garden (a.k.a. "dirt therapy") and taking long walks with her dogs to relax. 

Entertaining and enjoying good food (including the "cooking" part) is one more of her many passions.
      (CND - Miami, Florida) - They are unusual and expensive. Many consumers are buying the Cook-N-Dine
line of residential teppanyaki style cooktops and tables from Germany. Many are asking questions before deciding, so here are some answers about this unusually versatile yet elegant appliance and Cook-N-Dine's new approach to cooking and dining. Appliancist talked to Bea Gebhardt, President and Director of Marketing of Cook-N-Dine International, Inc. in Miami, Florida.

1. Your products are quite unique in the US market. Please give us some company background and
history. Do you have any competition in Europe?

It all started back in the seventies, when mechanical engineer, industrial designer and passionate hobby
cook Paul Schacht III of Munich, Germany, came up with a sparkling idea that everyone can capitalize on.
Paul was fed up with standing alone in the kitchen preparing dinner at night while the family members
lingered around elsewhere waiting for the food.

It was a challenge for him to transform the Cook-N-Dine idea into reality, but not a real problem. His
grandfather, Paul Schacht, who founded the family business in 1887 in Stendal, Germany, manufactured
fancy horse carriages and later custom bodies for automobiles.

Paul Schacht III gained fame introducing several groundbreaking innovations to the automobile industry.
Quite a number of CDS-Design’s products are part of today's standard equipment of Mercedes Benz and
BMW automobiles.

Cook-N-Dine is on the market in Europe for more than 15 years now and was introduced to the trade in the
USA in 2003. Sure, there is competition like with any other product. However, a Teppanyaki-style cooking
device with these patented properties in this sleek, elegant design for residential use is absolutely unique.

2. How are three different temperature sections achieved with Cook-N-Dine? How is a concave pit
formed from what we understand is one solid stainless steel piece?
The worldwide patented Cook-N-Dine product concept is based on the reaction of specially pressed 304
food-grade German stainless steel to the direct contact with a new, high-tech heating element. When switched on, it causes the hot cooking center to gently bow downward, thus containing all the fine food juices in the middle.
This heating element, combined with the physical properties of true 304 stainless steel and the way it was
pressed also results in a 2-3 inch wide area surrounding the center, where the temperature reaches only about 50% of the set cooking temperature. This warming area allows to keep ready-to-serve food warm or finish cooking, while other ingredients of the meal are still cooking in the center.
Cook-N-Dine cooktops emulate the cooking principle of a very flat wok. Stainless steel tables also feature a
third zone, the so-called “dining area”. This area stays absolutely cold and offers enough room to
accommodate plates, silverware, glasses, napkins etc.
All models have one important thing in common: when switched off the surface reverts back to completely
flat as if nothing ever happened.

3. When it comes to buying, can consumers buy direct? Are there distribution centers?
Cook-N-Dine is distributed nationwide, as well as in Canada, The Caribbean, Central and South America. You can order  through select authorized appliance dealers, kitchen + bath showrooms, specialty outdoor/grill/patio stores, or by 
designers, architects, as well as countertop and kitchen cabinet dealerships.

4. When it comes to repairing your products that likely never needed but still, what are the consumer’s options?
We maintain a group of highly skilled technicians. Should a unit fail to perform under the limited manufacturers' warranty, the unit will be simply replaced or repaired at Cook-N-Dine's discretion.

5. How fast does it warm up and is ready to go?
The warm-up time to medium 250°F (120°C) is under 5 minutes. From there to the highest setting it takes only
about 2 minutes more to reach 450°F | 230°C contact heat temperature.

6. How do you clean the cooking surface?
Contrary to the common perception, stainless steel is super-easy to clean. All you need to do is warm up the
unit and cook off all remains with a little plain water. Wipe clean and polish with very little food-safe mineral oil or a quick spritz of no-stick cooking spray.

7. Can some of your outdoor units be installed and used on boats or RV’s? What about salt water –
will it cause any damage to ANY parts?
All Cook-N-Dine models are approved for outdoor use, even on a yacht. The electrical and electronic
components are sealed in to withstand the elements. Simply wipe the exterior clean on a regular basis to
prevent small particles from sticking to the stainless steel surface.

8. If a consumer wants a custom layout, will CND make it?
That’s the beauty. A Cook-N-Dine teppanyaki can be custom-made to the customer’s specifications. We have made
half-moon shaped built-in cook tops, full-size kitchen island countertops and even a complete bar-top cover, which
really cooks, thanks to the ultra-slim, state-of-the-art heating elements.



QUESTIONS? CALL 305.754.3176
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Paul Schacht
founded a
company for
horse carriages , incl. upholstery
and painting
in Stendal
in Munich
CDS unveils
Teppanyaki grill unit 
introduces built-in teppanyaki grill cook top in three sizes
invited to
by Glottman
tectural to showcase 
CDS teppanyaki 
grill table
introduces the CDS teppanyaki grill to the U.S.
trade at the
- K/BIS Show
- Gourmet Show
- Memphis in May
followed by multiple TV network show appearances
sales over 2008 despite grim economic US downturn
Food Network shows CND outdoor table, moderated by Guy Fieri
sells record number of units. 
2009 result
is topped on August 1st
is heading for yet another record year, leaving 2010 way behind
CND introduces
Telescopic Bistro-Table and newly remodeled website to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Cook-N-Dine USA
Cook-N-Dine International, Inc. is marketing German and European products of exceptional quality standards, captivating design and superb craftsmanship throughout 
The Americas and Caribbean.

The company was founded in 2000 and since 2002 is the exclusive importer and wholesale distributor for the unique line of innovative, patented Teppanyaki Grill appliances by Bechtold GmbH out of Weilheim OBB/Germany.

These products are developed and 100% manufactured exclusively in Germany, using up to 80% recycled, Premium 304 German stainless steel, including the nuts and bolts. 
BURCHIN of Berlin, Germany, offers various Hospitality table and conference systems. 

All incoming merchandise clears customs in Miami, Florida, and is subject to a final Quality Control by CND in The U.S. before being shipped to customers nationwide and internationally.

The comprehensive, user-friendly multi-lingual website is designed to help consumers and the trade alike to educate themselves on the features, options and benefits of electrical teppanyaki grill solutions available. 

The products are not available through online e-commerce channels and have to be ordered through Cook-N-Dine’s professional, independent distribution/retail/trade network.

The Company:
CND is featured on HGTV with a show dedicated to teppan yaki grilling and cooking.

Exclusive Importer + Distributor
Americas + Caribbean

Cook-N-Dine® International, Inc.
P 305.754.3176 | F 305.754.3177
Miami | FL 33138 | USA


CND launches better-than-a-firepit height adjustable, casual height coffee table and bar-height dining table which can actually cook...
Boomer + Fritz
LANGUAGES/BREEDS: Mutt | Origin: Streets of Miami, FL

A friend was able to rescue Boomer as a puppy off the streets after many weeks of roaming around in the area. From just skin and bones he was nurtured back to good health. Boomer is effectively guarding the offices since June 2011.

His duties are many, but most importantly he is a very enthusiastic greater, and quite successful phone call interruptor. Most recenctly he was promoted to Head of Security. Boomer's favorite entertainment is keeping ferral cats off the property, while his little brother Fritz is chasing squirrels up the tree.
Humberto Angel Morales  

Electrical engineer Humberto "Angel" Morales is our head technician, working with Cook-N-Dine since 2006. 

His "can-do" attitude, excellent work ethics and vast professional experience make him a valuable asset. Besides, he is a very lovely person to work with.

CND introduces  Portable PU-80. and PU-90 equipped with two separate burners, operating at a full 3600 Watt combined cooking power

Natasha Albornoz SOCIAL MEDIA Manager

Natasha is the newest member of our core team and serves as Social Media Manager for Cook-N-Dine since 2015. She's all over the place when it comes to social media and respective connections. As an avid writer she also takes care of our

Her passion "to get things right" drives her. Natasha's most favorite foods to eat are Mangos and our "Kaiserschmarrn".
Bob Sullivan

Robert "Bob" Sullivan coordinates our logistics since 2009. His meticulous sense for organisation keeps the warehouse flowing.

He is happiest when he can make time for his hobby of photography, and ejoying good food. Bob is a coffeshop addict.

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Marianela Caraballo BOOKKEEPING

Marianela joined our team in 2017 to make sure nothing slips through. 

Dealing with numbers is her passion besides being a doctor of phsychology.