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José Andrés, the Washington, D.C. chef and Spanish food guru demystifies the plancha teppanyaki: "In Spain any hot flat thing is a plancha." While Andrés claims to have no romantic notions about planchas, he considers them "the perfect cooking tool and extremely empowering" because they can manage different foods at once, without mistakes and with nary a pan in sight. "When I came to the United States and saw cooks in diners making all their dishes on the griddle, I figured, ‘they use planchas here too," and Andrés admits that when he's behind a plancha teppanyaki he feels like the "king of the world."                                     

Stainless surfaces are very pricey, but Andrés loves it because it is extremely easy to clean and it provides excellent food release with no flavor transfer between dishes. "At the end of the night, I can see my face reflected in the (teppanyaki) cooktop, and that kind of cleanliness is very important to me." 
Tops with their reflective surface also feel cooler to the operator than dark griddles, which radiate more heat. Unlike what you might expect from a Spanish chef, Andrés does not establish a heat gradient on his griddles, but instead maintains an even temperature over the entire surface. 
An even temperature allows him to mentally divide the surface into a grid of identical squares into which he places individual orders.
All models are made in Germany from 
Professional, Premium Food-Grade, Hygenic German Stainless Steel, 
type 304 (V2A) up to 8 gauge = 5/32" thick!!!         
Re-Invent your
Dinner Parties 
and Entertain the 
Casual Way by cooking
Teppanyaki Style!

Get real food and forget 
about measly Marshmellows and Wieners! (although you can certainly indulge in those as well).

Square Casual Coffee Tables are 3-step Height Adjustable.
Will fit any conversation group and deep seating.

Square Dining Tables adjust in 5 steps from regular height to counter to bar-height.


CT-80 | 31-1/2" x 31-1/2"  
80 cm x 80 cm casual table
download spec sheet CT80

CT-8060 | 31-1/2" x 23-5/8"  
80 cm x 60 cm casual table
download specs CT8060

TS-80SQ | 31-1/2" x 31-1/2"  
80 cm x 80 cm dining table
download spec sheet TS80


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