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Available sizes:
23-5/8" Ø | PU-23 (60 cm) | for 2-3 persons | ~23 lbs (~11 kg)
download spec sheet pdf

27-1/2" Ø | PU-27 (70 cm) | for 4-6 persons | ~38 lbs (~18 kg)
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Products are made-to-last from premium food grade
German Stainless Steel, type 304 (V2A)
with the use of 60-80% recycled raw material.
Cook-N-Dine Portable teppanyaki flat top grill unit
shown PU-23 | 23-5/8" diameter, also available in 27-1/2" dia
electric | 115V | 15 AMP | 1800W

- Solid teak table by Infinita Corporation, Doral, FL
Cook-N-Dine Portable teppanyaki grill unit by CDS-Design
shown PU-23 | 23-5/8" diameter, also available in 27-1/2" dia
electric | 115V | 15 AMP | 1800W

- iittala non-scratch offset spatulas from FinlandCDS Portable teppanyaki flat top grill
model PU-27, size 27-1/2" diameter

cook Japanese "yakitori" (chicken skewers) or . . . 

- Electric Stainless Steel Pepper Mill VF by Fresco, Vic Firth Gourmet
available at
Use the versatile Portable Teppanyaki Grill on your Patio,
Dining Table or your Yacht
With the Cook-N-Dine teppanyaki grill
'On The Go', you can grill anywhere you like, indoors or out.

The portable CND teppanyaki grill is made for the aspiring home chef or host who wants to be with the family or guests while cooking and dining. Food is grilled directly on a sleek, portable stainless steel flat cooking center teppanyaki style, while the edges stay cool. The whole top is the safe cooktop with
no open flame.

The famous patented feature with the center bowing down slightly when on, keeps the fine juices in place, helping you to achieve great cooking results.

plancha japonesa teppanyaki portatil
Ideal for condos, patios, yachts, outdoor rooms or indoor dining, wherever space is at a premium.
With precise CONTACT TEMPERATURE  ranging from gentle 150° F up to 430° F, you can sear steaks and roast vegetables, yet keep food warm at the same time.

Cleaning this unique teppanyaki grill cook top is a breeze with just a little plain water while it is warm.

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