:: "Last Fall we purchased a Cook-N-Dine built-in and considered ventilation, but the style I had chosen wasn't available right away. Meanwhile I found that there isn't any reason to install an extra hood as there is just steam* that dissipates quickly. Due to the contact-heat technology there is no radiant heat, odor nor smoke."                                                                                                                                      Theresa, OH
*CND comment: that's right. However, fatty foods will produce greasy vapors which you might want to consider taking care of.

:: "We are in the final stages of our condo kitchen remodel. The teppanyaki island is already done, so yesterday we couldn't wait any longer and cooked up a storm. The grill performed exactly as expected. Cleans up very easy, too."                                                                                                                  Debra, FL

:: "Thank you so much for a great product. We use the teppanyaki grill about twice a weeknight right now. My fav is doing steak and shrimp; we take the tails from the shrimp and throw them on again in butter, crisp them up and eat . . . delish!!! I also do a wicked English brekkie on it w. sausages, bacon etc."
Samantha, CA
:: "My boyfriend started cooking right after we installed the teppanyaki 3 years ago. Now we move and definitely will take it with us."                                                                                                            Ashley, FL

:: "We love our teppanyaki grill [MO111] and have been using it on temporary countertops for the past few months.  I finally found the perfect granite and can't wait to have it all pull together. It will be so impressive! Thanks for all your help through this process."                                                                 Jana, PA

:: "We have a benihana restaurant in the area which we frequently patronize. For our new kitchen we wanted to have that type of grill. Your teppanyaki units hit the nail right on the head."                  Chelsea, IL

:: "Your detailed instructions made planning so easy."                                                                  Savolia, MD

:: "I have to say I am really impressed with the apparent quality of the MO-80 built-in teppanyaki grill."
Jason, WI
:: "Our square grill (MO-80), which we had installed into the Center Island in the kitchen, is fabulous.  Everyone I have had over to cook for is impressed with it.  The personal attention I have received from CND has been outstanding. Thank you."                                                                                             Erwin, CA

:: "Got a CND stainless steel table for the breakfast nook in my new house. We enjoy it so much! 
Thank you."                                                                                                                                          Mike, MO

:: "My new outdoor kitchen has all the bells and whistles, but the Cook-N-Dine (installed next to the grill) tops it all. It actually became the main focus of attention."                                                                   Tim, CO

:: "The Cook-N-Dine table solved our winter grilling problems. At around 32° degrees F (0° C) I couldn't get my BBQ grill to produce enough heat. The Cook-N-Dine does."                                                    Dave, NC

:: "The Cook-N-Dine teppanyaki cooktop is working out great. I have made more meals than I ever thought possible and they all turned out GREAT! Thanks."                                                                 Monte, TX

:: "Our outdoor kitchen has taken shape and is very close to completion.  We have already enjoyed stir fry, pancakes and fresh fried fish on our cook top weekly.  Thank you for such a nice product."     Margaret, NC

:: "I just wanted to tell you we finally got our island installed in the kitchen and got to use  our Cook-n-Dine teppanyaki grill for the first time yesterday.  It worked great!  My husband loves it. Thanks for all your help when I was trying to make my decisions."                                                                                   Janet, TN 

:: "We cooked a big ol' T-Bone steak the very first night we had the Cook-N-Dine grill table set up in our newly finished entertainment room. Next morning we prepared a huge breakfast on it. It is phantastic and works like a charm. We love it!"                                                                                                          Jim, MS

:: "My final decision to get a CND teppanyaki cooktop was influenced by the fact that I don't loose a single inch of countertop workspace of my new outdoor kitchen. I am so glad I found you guys. Thanks for all your help during the decision process."                                                                                                      Linda, FL

:: "We are so happy with the stainless teppanyaki grill table, and our guests are all amazed and envious. We have tried all of the dinner recipes from the Owner's Manual that appealed to us. Most of what we do now is emulate Benihana recipes. But next we will focus on Hors D'Oeuvres."                                   Rick, CA

:: "Was on vacation in Aruba. We had dinner using your product. It was the best time we had cooking teppanyaki-style dinner!"                                                                                                                  Dennis, RI

:: "I would like to thank you all for a great product. I'm having a good time with it. The unit worked perfectly right out of the box. I really appreciate the personal attention you've given to my [custom] order. You folks are great."                                                                                                                                                                Charles, NY

:: "It's a real ice-breaker at dinner parties!"                                         Dee Dee Ackerman ASID, DL Ackerman Design Group, CA

:: "Since we introduced Cook-N-Dine into our patio restaurant, the tables are fully booked all year round. We even get reservations from locals."                                                                         Restaurant Manager, Tamarind Resort, Aruba

:: "I was looking for a Teppanyaki, but the design wasn't overwhelming, plus most are not approved for indoor use. Then I saw Cook-N-Dine and knew I had to have one for my kitchen island. It is so beautiful. We love it, even for cooking breakfast."                                                                                                                               Pat, FL

:: "We use our [Cook-N-Dine] portable teppanyaki at the Avalon, NJ seashore on our deck. Our guests are intriged with the aspects of a Japanese Steak house type griddle. Our kids love to cook their own shrimp, pork, steak and even fried rice!"                                                                                                                                     Elizabeth, PA

:: "Great product, guys! This is a fantastic addition to the many backyard dining and kitchen areas we use almost year round!"                                                                                                                                                                     Chip, TX



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